Wishing I Were Here...

Or here...

Photos: Jeff Honeycutt/Sea Studio

...this morning, but I'll just settle for a nice cappuccino later - even though it won't compare to Italy!! :)



Gallant & Jones - Gorgeous Deck Chairs!

Call them what you'd like - deck chairs, lawn chairs, lounge chairs - I love them! Always a fan of sitting out in the sunshine with a nice little cocktail and a book, I was thrilled to come across these while perusing Design Sponge this morning!!

Gallant & Jones is based in Vancouver, B.C. (our neighbors to the North;) and they're an eco-conscious company, so what's not to love?! My fave is the Caligata - with fabric by Trina Turk, this chic little number would bring the perfect touch of Palm Springs to my garden!

Check out Gallant & Jones' website to get the full scoop on their products!!



A Bit of Silk

I saw this gorgeous little silk cami in "Jenna's Picks" on J.Crew...

I love it so much, I was inspired to put together a little ensemble to go with the "neon melon" color... with the boyfriend chinos, pretty shoes & a sparkly bracelet, this could be my go-to top for summer. It would also be adorable with cutoff "boyfriend" shorts! :)

Photos: J.Crew
Happy Monday!! :)


Domino Inspiration: Part III

Hello! Bonjour! Buenos Dias!!
I missed a day. So lame... I apologize, but I'm back this morning, full-force, with some more Domino-inspiration for ya'll! :)

I'm no good at arranging flowers - I usually buy a single variety and plop them in a jar or vase with some water and call it good, but these pages from an old Domino have me inspired to try a little harder. It's almost time for the lilacs, peonies, et. al. to show up at the local markets (well, we're probably a couple months away still, but I'm optimistic, as usual!) and I love this "Romantic sophisticate" table arrangement...

The shades of purple, hot pink and orange look so pretty with the crystal chandelier and cool old books on the table... I can't wait to pick some up and beautify my dining room! (BTW, please pardon the image quality... I'm just scanning these from actual magazines, so they'll probably always be a bit off-kilter or fuzzy looking.:)

Photos: Ditte Isager via Domino Magazine February 2009

Ciao for now, and hope you all have a lovely, lovely weekend!!



Rifle Paper Company

I have a minor addiction to paper products. There, I said it. If it has a pretty color, a nice texture, and some blank space to write on - I can't resist! So... imagine my delight in discovering another fabulous source for lovely stationery - Rifle Paper Company!! Their charming designs have me making up reasons to write thank you notes. ;)

Aren't they just perfect?!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!


Weekend at the Beach

I was lucky enough to grow up at the beach, and for me there's no better place to escape the (relative) hustle and bustle of the city... We love visiting my mom's little rental cabin near Washington's San Juan Islands - it's so cozy and totally cabin-chic!! :) All we do there is cook, eat, walk on the beach, build campfires, eat some more... and of course, Audrey loves it, too!

Photos: Sea Studio

I'm slowly easing back into reality after our long weekend away...

Bye for now!


A Long Soak...

...is what I need after this never-ending Monday! This bathroom...

Photo: From Decorator Inside via Poetic Home

...and these L'Occitane Lavender Bath Salts would be just the thing to ease me into relaxation. :)

Photo: Nordstrom

Bonne nuit!!


Dear Colleen: Wall Decor

I'm in love with this:

I totally want it framed, hanging in my office or kitchen, not sure which... and this next one would be the perfect gift for my sister-in-law, since she's a super-talented knitter. I picture it hanging above her workspace...

I came across these while browsing domestic adaptation, a really fun decor/lifestyle blog... love!!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

I'm off to the beach...


She's Back!!!

Every month, I look forward to the arrival of a new copy of Vogue in my mailbox, but today I was super-excited to see the lovely and fabulous Gisele(!!) on the cover! I totally understand that celebrities/actresses sell more issues, but there's just something a little more special when a supermodel who really knows what she's doing lands the cover. I mean, it is a fashion magazine, after all, right?!

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue April 2010

I have to admit, as a new mom, I've been a little curious to see how Gisele would look during and post-pregnancy... I guess the answer was obvious. :)

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue April 2010

So, the other good news is Gisele's new skin care line... I'm always searching for all-natural products that actually work, and I'm very excited to try out Sejaa. It's only available on their website, so I'll do another post someday once I've tried it out and can tell you how it is! :)

Photo: Sejaa

Just for fun, I'll leave you with a little video from Vogue.com that documents a bit of the cover shoot...


Pretty Little Things

There are so many pretty things happening with jewelry right now... organic, beachy looks with shells and flowers, and then gorgeous, retro-inspired pieces like the Crystal Devote Earrings from J. Crew... I always love a little gold jewelry - the warm glow goes so well with a subtle tan! Just don't wear them all at once. ;)

Photos (Clockwise from Top Left): Kate Spade via Nordstrom; J. Crew; Anthropologie; J. Crew



Getting Organized...

I'm sure I've mentioned how much I like things in order... until everything is in it's place, I'm unable to focus, and nothing seems to get done! I loooove cleaning out closets, arranging my files in their drawers with neat little labels... ooh, that reminds me: I need to invest in a label maker!! ;)

Anyway, my love for organization leads me to today's topic: The Pottery Barn Daily System. I've been coveting elements of this system for years, and can't wait until my office is fully equipped with the mail bins, steel shelves, etc.! In the meantime, my Ikea mail baskets and cheap cork bulletin will have to do. Here's the Daily System in all it's glory:

Okay, I'm off to finish "cleaning out" my inbox!! ;)



Domino Inspiration: Part II

I wish I'd woken up here this morning! A nice cup of coffee with a side of papaya and macadamia nuts for breakfast... a jaunt down to the ocean for a quick dip, and then relaxing under the swaying palm trees - sounds like perfection! :)

This lovely home was featured in the final issue of Domino Magazine... The owners, Pippa and Richard Imrie, built the house from the ground up, and I love the cozy, lived-in aesthetic.

A pretty chandelier brings a subtle elegance to the rough-hewn wood and chipped paint...
The extended family vacations here with friends, kids...
Sally Honeycutt
Photos: Ken Kochey for Domino Magazine, March 2009

Happy Friday, Friends!!



Pretty Books

So, these new Penguin Classics have been all over blog-land lately, but I had to share in case any of my lovely readers hadn't seen them!!

The embossed covers look vintage, and would be so much cuter than some of the old, worn paperbacks on my bookshelf! Also, wouldn't they make a lovely gift?! I especially love this copy of Sense & Sensibility:

They look so pretty stacked together...

You can buy these from Barnes & Noble, too. :)

Also, coming soon... I will share a little D.I.Y. project inspired by one of my favorite blogger/photographers, Nicole Hill Gerulat!!

Happy reading!!


Josie Maran Cosmetics

Okay, so yesterday I promised to talk about bronzers (because who doesn't want a nice, subtle healthy glow?!) and I realized it's the perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite makeup lines... Josie Maran Cosmetics!! The company's tagline pretty much sums it up: "Luxury with a Conscience" - they make beautiful products in gorgeous (biodegradable!) packaging and without yucky synthetic ingredients and preservatives... Love it!!

I've used the Cream Blush & Mascara & LOVE them both (time to reorder, actually:) and I'm really excited to check out the Bronzing Argan Oil (read HERE for great info. on Argan Oil) and the Bronzing Powder...

Ah, the idea of being "bronzed" just makes me even more excited for summer...

Bye for now!


March Snow...

...has me wishing for warm summer days. I had no choice but to bring a little sunshine indoors with this pretty blue pot and a yellow narcissus plant! And, all for less than $13 - much more affordable than a plane ticket to, say, Oahu (although these won't give you a tan... maybe we'll check out bronzers tomorrow;).

Sally Honeycutt - live love chicSally Honeycutt - live love chic
Photos: Moi!

Here's to a warm and sunny spring!! :)




I keep coming across gorgeous pieces for spring from Leifsdottir, so I decided to share a few of my favorites. Love these ensembles, and the photography & styling is dreamy, too!

Love the miniskirt look above, but I'm way more likely to rock the short shorts in the next shot:This red dress has a fun, vintage cut but the modern print makes it feel fashion forward... I could style an entire photo shoot around it!
The structure in these coats is just so perfect... they're super tailored, but feminine at the same time...
...and I love this cheery yellow!
Photos: Leifsdottir

Until tomorrow...


Domino Inspiration: Part I

Okay, by now everyone knows that I'm a huge fan of the now-extinct Domino Magazine... But just because there are no new issues to come doesn't mean we can't look to the old ones for inspiration!! I subscribed to Domino immediately after I bought my first copy, so I have quite a few issues to troll for ideas... and many pages that I've already marked with their handy little stickers!

When I saw this shot of a fancy old mirror with casual little photos tucked around the edges, I knew we'd interpret the look somewhere in our house. It's that mix of high-end and low, ornate and personal, that is just so chic to me...

Photo: Domino Magazine November 2008 (pg. 14)

When my mom bought this lovely mirror for Audrey's room, I knew it'd be the perfect place to stick some pictures of our own... it's a little sparse still, but the collection will grow over time - and I love how easy it is to change them out!

Photo: Moi!

Watch out, because I have sooo many more cool decor ideas to share from Dominos past...

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Cute Sweats!!

I'm loving these cute, cropped sweatpants from Aviator Nation!! They have a shop on Abbot Kinney, the coolest little street in Venice Beach (where I hope to visit soon, btw!!). Until then, I'll shop their website and watch for updates on their FB fan page. :)

Photos: Nick Onken via Aviator Nation's Facebook Page

Happy Thursday, Friends!!


D&G Fall Collection

Fall, you say?! I know, it's weird, but that's how fashion works... just when we are feeling super tired of winter and ready for spring and summer clothing, the fall fashion shows take place in NY, Paris, Milan... I can't keep up, so I've been counting on one of my fave fashion bloggers, Garance, to keep me up-to-date on the coolest shows & trends. She is French, fabulous, and so amazingly unpretentious - I'm always laughing out loud as I read her blog, and I force my husband to listen as I read it the second time through, aloud. :)

Anyway, she featured a video about the D&G show that just took place in Milan, and oh my gosh, you have to follow this link and check it out!! I won't even complain if you don't watch the entire thing, but you have to see the first image - of the most adorable tiny hand-knit D&G doll! I couldn't find a photo of one to share, so that's why you have to click on the link. I am so going to make one for Audrey! (If I can figure it out - I will surely be requesting help from my sis-in-law, Nicole, the knitting expert behind Persnickety's Knits. :)

I had to share a couple of looks from the collection, as well... love the sweater-knit corset top with a pretty, flow-y skirt and ski-inspired leg-warmers (or boots?!)!

And, just for fun, a picture of the amazing and talented designers, Dolce & Gabbana!!

Photos: Marcio Madeira via Style.com

Ciao!! :)


Surprisingly Stylish??

So, next weekend we're painting our downstairs hallway... I've grown tired of the chocolate brown after looking at it for 3 years (!!) and it's time to freshen it up to a lovely, bright, creamy white that adorns the majority of our interior walls. I'll share before and after pics of that project soon, but in the meantime... I've been shopping! :) Big surprise, right?! Well, the thing is, I plan to hang something new and fresh on the walls and even add some hooks to help organize our entryway. I'm determined to be a little creative and explore some local thrift and antique shops to find some cool hooks & such, but apparently there's a design source that I've been completely overlooking - J.C. Penny!!

I was browsing one of today's posts over on Design Sponge, all about mirrors... I love decorating with mirrors because they reflect light and help open up the space in our narrow little townhouse. Anyway, my favorite of all the 30 or so mirrors they featured both happened to be from J.C. Penny, which totally shocked me because I don't usually think of them as carrying modern, stylish, or (dare I say?) chic home decor... I guess I was wrong!

This one's the Lattice Mirror. It would be perfect hanging in the hall downstairs - especially if I ever get to install the amazing black hexagonal terra cotta floor tiles I've been in love with (I'll post a picture one day, promise!).

And these come in a set of four... they would be lovely hanging in our powder room.

I guess I owe a big "Merci" to Design Sponge for letting me in on the J.C. Penny secret. :)



A Secret Garden

It's March!?! Personally, I don't believe it... although, the calendar and my phone and the computer are all telling me it's March 1st! Ah, how time flies...

I thought I'd start the month off with a little "Secret Garden" inspiration. I saw the top left image on Once Wed, and just had to build an inspiration board around it. I mean, really?! Gorgeous flowers atop a bride's head as she wanders through the perfect manicured garden?? Love it.

Photos (Clockwise from top left): Jose Villa, via Once Wed; Anthropologie; Me!; Lollia; Anthropologie; Anthropologie

So, obviously, Anthropologie was my best source for "garden living" inspiration... I would like to wear that pretty flower top after using that lovely bubble bath and then have a little cup of tea in that cute little cup!!

Happy March!!

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