Domino Inspiration: Part II

I wish I'd woken up here this morning! A nice cup of coffee with a side of papaya and macadamia nuts for breakfast... a jaunt down to the ocean for a quick dip, and then relaxing under the swaying palm trees - sounds like perfection! :)

This lovely home was featured in the final issue of Domino Magazine... The owners, Pippa and Richard Imrie, built the house from the ground up, and I love the cozy, lived-in aesthetic.

A pretty chandelier brings a subtle elegance to the rough-hewn wood and chipped paint...
The extended family vacations here with friends, kids...
Sally Honeycutt
Photos: Ken Kochey for Domino Magazine, March 2009

Happy Friday, Friends!!



  1. Oh I am dreaming right along with you after seeing this. Get me some SUN!

  2. Yay!! Here's the sunshine! Can't wait for actual summer, though... xoxo


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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