My Girl

I just had to share a couple of shots of my little chica in her camera shirt and sunglasses...

I adore her. :)



Dramatic Dressing

Apparently I'm a little more ready for fall than I thought I was... I'm already done whining about the change in weather - now I'm just excited for the excuse to wear my boots! :)

Just in time for shorter days & chilly weather, the latest lookbook from Leifsdottir is full of dark lace and deep-hued prints, and I'm completely smitten. Would love to get my hands on any of these gorgeous ensembles and channel my inner Penelope Cruz...

Images: Leifsdottir

Adios, for now! ;)





That's right, ya'll - I said "Capes!" and I meant it! ;)

I've seen a few out there this fall, and I must say I'm truly considering getting in on this little trend... I mean, what could be cozier??

Here's just one example from Anthropologie:

I, for one, would pair my cape with skinny jeans and pretty flats or my Frye boots...

Have you guys seen any cute capes yet? Would you rock one??

Do tell.



Notte Sento | An Italian Love Story

Anytime I need some inspiration, I watch this:

I fall in love with it a little more each time... :)

Here's a great article on the creation of the video (made with 4,500 still photos) by Daniele Napolitano.

Have a lovely weekend!



Ooh, la Lonny!!

As if I wasn't already obsessed enough with Lonny Magazine - now they've gone and made their site super adorable and easy to browse - oh, and there's a blog!! Yaaaaayy!!! You must, must, must go check it out... and in the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite lovely bedrooms from their decorating pages! Such a treat to find this wonderful news in my inbox just before bed...

Images via Lonnymag.com

Sweet dreams!!




Hmm... "Cozifying" definitely isn't a real word, but you guys know what I mean, right?? I've been eyeing this "Nailhead Upholstered Head-board" for literally years now, and after coming across it yet again in the latest West Elm catalog, I'm still smitten... maybe one of these days I'll get to order one and make our headboard-less bed a heck of a lot cozier!! :)

Images: West Elm



I've Been Busy...

...working on this:

Image: Sally Honeycutt/Sea Studio (moi!)

So many lovely weddings lately... I'll be sure to share some of the many fabulous details from Katie & Brandon's big day here soon.

For now, please forgive my shortage of posting! It's our busy season, but I've got lots of fun stuff coming your way soon. :)




Inspired: Built-In Bookshelves

Fall seems to be here to stay, and I'm ready to cozy up by the fire with walls of books by my side...

We have a very unattractive fireplace & mantle in our living room, and I've been inspired by this Design Sponge article for awhile now - I'm thinking custom shelving could be the perfect solution!

Now it's just time to convince the husband. (Oh, and his name is Jeff... in the future, perhaps I'll refer to him by name, haha! ;)

Here are a few of my faves from the post, but there are many more fabulous ideas worth checking out!!

I know, these aren't built-in - but there are peonies!! I couldn't resist.
This next shot is my favorite...
Photos (Top to Bottom all via Design Sponge) - Malene Charles; Maarit Hohteri; Emily Gilbert

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