Hello Friends & Fellow Bloggers!! With all of the projects (new and old) that I have on my plate I've decided it's time to sign off from Live Love Chic. Of course, I'll still be sharing all of my favorite things - if you'd like to keep up with me, you can find me pinning away on my Pinterest pinboards HERE! It's so much fun (and majorly addicting - don't say I didn't warn you ;) and I'd love to see you there...

Goodbye for now!




Serena & Lily - Take II!

Just last summer I posted some of my favorite things from Serena & Lily's lovely collection of home decor... but this morning I came across their brand new catalog and now I'm totally dying to redo every bedroom in the house (and living room and hallway...) with their gorgeous textiles!!

It's almost time to get Audrey a twin-size bed, so I'm seriously considering some of these cute duvet covers...

...and really loving the combo in the next photo for my own room.

Our living room needs a serious pillow update... I'll take the grey one & the entire stack below it, thank you! :)

And then there's the cover of their new catalog... so perfect!!

Happy Wednesday!!



Persnickety's Knits!

My sis-in-law, Nicole, is the lovely and amazingly talented knitter behind the adorable Etsy shop, Persnickety's Knits. I've used her hand-knit diaper covers to beautify little babies' bottoms for a couple of years now, so I can totally swear by the durability and utter cuteness of her products...

I'm especially in love with this little pink one...

...and this one would be so cute for a little baby boy.
There are loads more in her shop - they'd make such a perfect baby shower gift, and it seems to be the season... Happy shopping!!


P.S. This is my 150th post!! I think I deserve a reward... ;)

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