Beach Girls...

Why give up on my summer theme this week?! I'd love a shot of Audrey and I like this, all dressed up in elegant finery and walking down the beach...

So Aloha

Photo: J.Crew Catalog

On my first trip to Hawaii with my husband, we stayed at my parents' condo at Makaha shores... It was the perfect honeymoon getaway - nice and mellow, away from the crazy tourist action of Waikiki, but close enough to everything that we never got bored.

Part way into the trip we stopped in to a local drug store to stock up on "slippers" and sunscreen & we had the sweetest girl ringing up our finds. She told us she'd never left the islands, and she wasn't sure she wanted to... "everyone here is just so... 'aloha'," she said. That's when we learned that "aloha" isn't just a greeting, but a way of life...

I'm pretty sure some of these pics from one of last summer's J. Crew catalogs were taken right down the road from my parents' place and every time I see this page I get the urge to call up Hawaiian Airlines and schedule a flight. For now, though, we'll enjoy our beautiful Seattle summer weather and a nice little weekend.

Happy Friday!!


Surfer Chic

I've wanted to share these shots of swimsuit designer Marysia Reeves' South Carolina home for some time now... I just love the mix of bold colors with black & white and elegant & casual elements. Fits my styling sensibilities perfectly! (Plus, the surf board hanging on the wall is totally rad. :)

Photos: Paul Costello/Coastal Living June 2010

Isn't that the perfect abode for a swimsuit designer?!

Back with more later today...


J'aime Garance!

No, really, I do! It seems I hardly have a chance to browse my favorite blogs these days (too busy in the summertime!!) but every time I click the link to Garance's blog, I ask myself why I haven't been back sooner...

I love how she tells stories (you can just hear her wonderful French accent!) and her illustrations and photos... ah, just so inspiring! Sometimes I wish I spoke French, just so I could read the hundreds of comments beneath each post! Hmm... maybe I will learn...

Au revoir!




Okay, so I promise I won't post something out of Vogue every month (well, can't promise that, but I'll try;) but they just keep catching me in the right mood!

Of course, I've always been a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, but add Mario Testino to the mix (my fave!!) and Jeffrey Steingarten (Vogue's fabulous food writer) and you have a winning cover story. I just love this gorgeous blue Burberry Prorsum dress...

...and look at her amazing kitchen!! All that beautiful marble, and everything so clean and perfect! Love.

If only a girl could actually dress like this while cooking amazing meals for her family. ;)

Photos: Mario Testino/Vogue August 2010

To top it all off, they shared the lovely news that Gwyneth is writing a cookbook! How fun... can't wait to see it next spring!

Have a wonderful weekend!!




Organic Produce Delivery - New Roots!

We finally did it!! The hubby and I have been planning to sign up for an organic produce delivery service for some time, and we were finally convinced to go with New Roots... They are based right in our area in Seattle & they provide as many local fruits and vegetables as they can. Love it!!

Here are some pics of our first delivery:

I unloaded everything onto our counter to show it off better! :)

The first thing I did was eat one of these amazing carrots, and I wasn't disappointed - it tasted like it was straight from the garden!

Photos: Moi!

This week's assortment had lettuce, blueberries, a cucumber, cabbage, carrots, nectarines, apricots... just to name a few! I love it because it's already forcing me to be more creative with my recipes. (It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and cook the same thing all the time when you're busy!!)

We'll be getting a delivery every other week, unless we eat all this goodness way faster than we anticipate!



I Love My New Shampoo!

I just found Alba shampoo and conditioner on sale at Whole Foods, and it's fabulous!! Seriously, the price is amazing, the formulas are paraben-free, and the glorious scents?! Oh, my. It's like a spa day, every day. ;)

I picked up the Coconut Shampoo and Gardenia Conditioner this time around, and it's been a great combo for me so far.

Photo: Alba



The Latest Anthropologie Catalog...

... that I have in my possession is so adorable. The photography is always gorgeous, but I especially love the design & layout of this one. It inspires me to incorporate a similar look into an album for a client, or maybe for Audrey's baby book (which, of course, I must custom design myself!:).

Cute, no?!



Under the Sun

Summer is finally here in Seattle and it's a good thing, too, because I was just about to give up and move somewhere sunny! (Just kidding, Mom! ;)

Really, though, it's such fun to finally pull out all the cute summer clothes that have been hiding away in my closet since, well, probably my last vacation!!

I love these shots by Mario Testino for Vogue (sorry, I can't figure out which issue they are from, but I know it was years ago!). Karolina Kurkova and Hayden Christensen are all sun-kissed and joyous, playing in the sunset... and even though the issue is old, the fashion still seems relevant.

Enjoy the sun, Lovelies, and don't forget your sunblock! :)
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