Love the cover of Vogue this month, photographed by the amazing Peter Lindbergh...

...it's so nice to see the lovely and talented Ms. Witherspoon gracing this month's pages, and I'm really excited for the upcoming Water for Elephants film. I actually happen to be reading the book right now, and every time the preview comes on TV, I cover my ears and sing, "lalala..." until Jeff lets me know that it's safe to look - I don't want to give anything away! :)

Hopefully I'll have time to actually sit and read the entire magazine front to back one of these days... but for now, scanning the beautiful images will just have to do!

Happy Monday!

Images by Peter Lindbergh/Vogue May 2011


Cameras, New & Old

I'm really beyond excited to be shooting a lovely spring wedding tomorrow, and since I'm in the mood for pictures, I'll leave you with this one:

One of our October wedding couples (who also happen to be wonderful friends!) gave us this beauty - just for the fun of it!! We can't wait to get some film and try it out this summer...

Hope you all have wonderful weekend plans!



An Updated Braid...

...who would've thought to braid fabric right into their hair?? I've been seriously thinking about giving this a go this summer ever since I saw it on Refinery 29.

I have a bunch of my husband's worn-in woven shirts that I've been planning to repurpose, and this would be a fun way to use some of the scraps!!

Check out the how-to HERE.


Photos via Refinery 29


Tuscan Escape

I have a dream of gathering a bunch of my family members together and setting off to explore Italy... Imagine booking a Tuscan villa to enjoy with your nearest and dearest, and then jaunting off for day trips to taste wine, or tour the countryside - sounds like the perfect trip to me!

When I came across photos of this gorgeous villa, I knew I had to share...

How could you not be perfectly relaxed in a place like that?! They appear to be pretty booked for 2011 (as am I!), but perhaps in 2012...


Photos via Podere Palazzo


Pretty Pattern

I am moments away from ordering this little beauty for my iPhone...

It's currently adorned in a boring, masculine-looking case (don't worry - the hubby will be using that one before long, so it's not just getting tossed in the trash!) and I can't wait to brighten it up with a bit of Kate Spade sunshine! :)



EmersonMade for Spring

By now, everyone's heard of EmersonMade, right?! They have adorably chic clothing and accessories, and a great sense of humor, too...

I love that each item is stylish yet feels like a staple piece that could be a relevant part of my wardrobe for years, rather than mere seasons. :)

Some of my faves:

The Navy Dot Scallop Skirt (above) - that hemline is sooo cute! And the Little Blouse - Accordion Pleats in Blush (shown below)...

The EM Original Bluebells are another classic must-have:

I could go on and on... do please check out their online shop!!

Bye for now,

All photos via EmersonMade


Gourmet Cookin'

We celebrated the 1st anniversary of my dad's heart transplant (crazy, right?!) over the weekend, and that, of course, meant lots of cooking...

The Gourmet Cookbook is always one of my favorites, but it proved to be very worthy with both an amazing pizza dough recipe and a fabulous hot fudge concoction!

Of course, the loads of yummy pizza toppings (blue cheese, barbeque sauce, cilantro, prosciutto, just to name a few...) and the Molly Moon's ice cream didn't hurt. :) Definitely check this book out if you need a great, comprehensive cookbook!

Hope you all have a lovely, stress-free Monday!


An Easter Dress...

...for Audrey. I'd love to get this dress for my little chica. Isn't it sweet?

Crewcuts always gets it right!

Also, my favorite three posts from blog-land this week:

*The lovely wedding of the editor of Snippet & Ink on the amazingly talented Elizabeth Messina's blog...

Hope you all have some lovely weekend plans! I'll be doing office work & hopefully getting out in the garden despite the rainy forecast.


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