Josie Maran Cosmetics

Okay, so yesterday I promised to talk about bronzers (because who doesn't want a nice, subtle healthy glow?!) and I realized it's the perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite makeup lines... Josie Maran Cosmetics!! The company's tagline pretty much sums it up: "Luxury with a Conscience" - they make beautiful products in gorgeous (biodegradable!) packaging and without yucky synthetic ingredients and preservatives... Love it!!

I've used the Cream Blush & Mascara & LOVE them both (time to reorder, actually:) and I'm really excited to check out the Bronzing Argan Oil (read HERE for great info. on Argan Oil) and the Bronzing Powder...

Ah, the idea of being "bronzed" just makes me even more excited for summer...

Bye for now!


  1. Whoa. My Josie is Josie Maria. Very close to the same name!

  2. I know, Steff!! I always wondered if you knew who Josie Maran was. :) Love your girl's name! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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