Oh So Euro...

I'm a little obsessed with this "Wooden European Table" from Wisteria...

...and with this one.

Photos: Wisteria

I think our table would look lovely with a similar finish... looks like a little project is in my near future!! I'll be sure to share before & after pictures when I get it done!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


My Bulletin Board...

I know, it looks chaotic - but I can't help myself - if I see a great quote or a breathtaking picture, i want it hanging in my office (and this is the only place that's allowed to be so busy-looking!;). I feel energized when I sit down to work and see little trinkets that are close to my heart, or a beautiful bride from a wedding we shot, or Edward and Bella... haha, can't believe I just admitted it - but, yes, they are there too, in a gorgeous Peggy Sirota picture from Vanity Fair.

It's ever-changing & always cluttered, and I love it!! :) Someday I'll share pics of my entire office, but for now, here's a peek...

Photo: Moi!

Until tomorrow!!



Baby Chic

We had so much fun planning & creating our little baby's nursery last spring (or, I should say I had so much fun... my husband got the brunt of it with painting, refinishing, hanging, etc. - I am simply the designer, haha! ;) Since we didn't find out if we were having a boy or girl we decided on simple, clean, neutral decor - and then added a few extra touches when our little chica arrived to make it all a little more girl-y!

I shared a smattering of images over on our Sea Studio blog awhile back, but I was inspired by all the newborn photo shoots we've been doing lately to post some here!

We were on a tight budget, so we made creative use of hand-me-downs & Ikea purchases! The changing table got a fresh coat of white paint & a cute knob from Anthropologie...the little fabric-lined baskets are from Ikea. These "ABC" knobs are also from Anthropologie:

My lovely mother-in-law recovered the glider for us in this gorgeous blue fabric (it was sooo hard to choose, but I love how fresh those colors feel!).

I got this gorgeous hanging lantern from my aunt as a shower gift - she made it from grapevines!!

After Audrey arrived, I framed this little card (not sure who the artist is - if you do, let me know!!) and hung the pretty little "chandelier" to make it a bit more personal...

Photos: Sally Honeycutt & Jeff Honeycutt/Sea Studio

Happy Tuesday!!


Seaside Style

After watching The Proposal last night, (love that movie!!:) I'm finding myself daydreaming, once again, about a seaside home of my own. (Only I'd pick someplace a little warmer than Sitka. ;)

For now, I'll enjoy the smell of the salty air outside our little Seattle town house and add hints of beach-inspired and tropical decor. Found a few inspirational pictures from Coastal Living...

Have I mentioned that I love the beach?!! ;)



***Edited to Add: The Proposal, though set in Sitka, AK, was actually filmed, for the most part, in Rockport, MA, which was set up to resemble Sitka... and just to make sure none of my AK friends get the wrong idea, I LOVE Alaska - I'm just a bit too much of a warm-weather gal to live there. :)


Loving Braids...

So happy that one of the biggest spring/summer hair trends is loose, easy braids!! It's such a simple way to corral long(er) hair and if you do it just right, it looks pretty, sexy, and oh-so-relaxed all at the same time!

Here's the look on a makeup-less Jessica Simpson...

...and on Leona Lewis...
Photo: Style.com

...and here, on a model at an Alexander Wang fashion show.
Photo: Style.com

Don't forget to wear it off to one side!

Love it!!



Looking for an Easy Dress...

...and I found these two by Rachel Pally on Shopbop.com.

Photos: Shopbop

There are sooo many super-short skirts and dresses out there for spring and summer, and while I think the look is very cute, it's really not a realistic style for the mom of an almost-one-year-old!! :) So, I've been looking for something that's a little relaxed, not too short, and still looks pretty! I'll keep you posted if I find any others that I love. :)



To Dance...

So, I've been inspired, once again, and this time not by a book or magazine or blog - but by the ballet!! That's right, this lucky girl got taken to opening night of the Pacific Northwest Ballet's All Balanchine performance. Amazing. I was awestruck from start to finish, and I completely and totally recommend that you go. (If you happen to live in the PNW!! :)

My lovely friend, Molly (a.k.a. The Girl In Green - check out her sweet blog!!) used to dance with PNB, so I felt extra lucky to be her date for the evening & get to ask her lots of silly questions. (I know a little bit about classical music, but my only exposure to ballet prior to this was The Nutcracker! :)

Anytime I watch professional dancers, I daydream & pretend I could learn to be even one tiny bit as graceful and coordinated... and, of course, I imagine that I would wear a gorgeous tulle skirt while doing so, which leads me to these perfect confections from Ouma:

Photos: Ouma

Just trying to come up with an excuse to order one and get my husband to take me dancing... :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



Dreaming of a Tropical Vacation...

...and this airy hotel room looks very welcoming right about now. Perhaps I can use it to inspire some updates to my own bedroom, since a trip to Trancoso doesn't seem to be in my near future. ;)

Photo: Anders Overgaard/T&L January 2009




It's Here!! The New Lonny Magazine...

I've been patiently awaiting the April/May issue of Lonny Magazine - so imagine my happiness last Saturday when all the Status Updates, Tweets, etc. announced that it had arrived!! :)

This issue is full of "Eco-Chic" design ideas and inspiration... and even a yummy-looking mint pea soup recipe! I'll be browsing through it over and over again... watch out, husband - it's project time!! ;)

They've updated their site with decorating categories, a "Subscribe" option, and even a place to give to Lonny... Love it!

Happy Reading!



Inspired by...

...the new West Elm catalog. I always love mixing some light, seaside chic into our urban townhome's styling, so this just feels perfect to me right now. And who knows? One day, it could apply to our very own seaside abode. :)

This next shot from the catalog is my favorite... the mix of clean, modern lines with a stack of old books and the peonies and coral make me swoon.

Photos: West Elm




H&M: The Garden Collection

I'm just smitten with the new "Garden Collection" from H&M... They've embraced pretty florals, (which, if you haven't noticed, are all the rage right now...) spot-on shapes, and gorgeous color, all while keeping the price points low and using organic and recycled fabrics!! What's not to love?! Here are just a few of my favorite pieces - but be sure to go to their site and see them all...
Photos: H&M

Here's a fun video that talks about the collection as well...

Thanks for reading this week!!

Wishing you all a very Happy Friday. :)



Happy Heart Week - Part IV: Shop the Market...

...the Farmers' Market, that is!

One of the best things you can do for your heart is eat well, and consuming lots of fiber from things like whole grains, fresh fruits & vegetables is a great way to keep it healthy! My personal favorite place to get the freshest fruits & veggies possible is at our local Farmers' Market in Ballard. They're open year-round, and it's fun to challenge ourselves to cook with foods that are fresh locally (as tempting as a perfect orange or bunch of grapes may seem during our long PNW winters!:).

There are more and more farmers' markets opening all around the country, so get on Google and find one near you - and enjoy the benefits that a stroll through the market and some home-cooked veggies will have on your heart! :)

Photos: Jeff & Sally Honeycutt/Sea Studio

Bon Appetit!



Happy Heart Week - Part III: Move It!!

Okay, so I don't think I need to explain the benefits that exercise offers for heart health - but I will share a few of my favorite workout tips!!

Numero Uno: Wear something cute! I'll be the first to admit that I've gone on countless walks wearing my husband's T-shirts and a pair of cropped leggings. (Adorable, I know. ;) But if you can get something fun and a little bit chic to wear, I promise you'll be at least a wee bit more motivated to get out there!

Numero Dos: Shoes!! As a former shoe salesgirl, I am definitely an advocate for wearing the appropriate shoes for the occasion... There really are benefits to wearing the right shoe for your chosen fitness activity - and if you're a runner, get the Asics Gel Kayano! My fave running shoe of all time (it's actually great for walking, too:).

Numero Tres: My last tip of the day, but super important - stay hydrated! Use a reusable water bottle (I love Sigg, especially since they've rid themselves of BPA!) and drink up, before, during and after your workout... And, if you want to treat yourself to something really tasty, try Zico Coconut Water - a friend introduced me to it recently, and I'm hooked!!


Happy Heart Week - Part II: You And Your Heart

Yipeeeeeee!!! I am so excited to share a link to something wonderful, but first things first: It's still Happy Heart Week at Live Love Chic (in honor of my dad, as I mentioned yesterday:) and I wanted to talk about music. And how it calms us, and helps to reduce stress - which, undoubtedly, is of supreme importance in caring for our bodies and, especially, our hearts!

Music choice depends on your mood and what you're trying to accomplish, but put on any of your faves and feel your stress dissolve!! One of my personal favorites?? Jack Johnson. So, it's perfectly fitting that they've released his new single, "You And Your Heart" (!!) today! Impeccable timing, and I think it's meant to be. :) I'm loving his new, unkempt hair, too...

Que guapo, no?!

The hubby and I are looking forward to the album release this summer & for the concert at the Gorge!! :)

Happy Listening!


Happy Heart Week - Part I: Jaques Torres Chocolates

Hello!! I have some really amazing news to share today - my dad had a successful heart transplant operation on Friday! He is doing great and recovering in the hospital at the moment... and I'm declaring this week Happy Heart Week on Live Love Chic in his honor! :) I'll be featuring some of my favorite things that are good for the heart all week, starting with some mouth-watering chocolate!

So, by now we've all heard about the wonders that high-quality dark chocolate can do for our bodies... it's all those antioxidants it boasts that do the trick, and I, for one, will accept any reason to consume a bit of chocolate!! ;) When my husband and I lived in NYC, we discovered Jacques Torres Chocolate - a little haven right outside our neighborhood in the West Village.

We'd stop by for the Wicked Hot Chocolate (just like it sounds - rich, creamy hot chocolate with a kick of spice!!) and a couple of truffles or the Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie in the World (that's my own personal name for it!) and then walk around Tribeca or back up through the Village to work off all the extra calories.

If you're in New York and you haven't visited one of his shops yet - DO!! And if not, you can always order some lovely chocolate to eat or drink at home. :)

To healthy hearts!!


Shed Some Light...

Our Seattle townhouse came with boring, impersonal hardware... the same light fixtures throughout, blah doorknobs and bathroom fixtures, etc.

Needless to say, I'd like to redo it all, but must tackle things one at a time. I've been eyeing this glass pendant light from Pottery Barn for awhile now. I think it'd be a good replacement for our dining room light, but I've also considered going the chandelier route. What do you think??

This dining room looks nothing like ours, but it gives you an idea of the size of the fixture...

Photos: Pottery Barn

I'm a little stumped... the price is right, but I'm always changing my mind & I'm not sure if this is the route we should take. Here are a few shots of our dining room during my birthday, just to give you an idea of what we're working with. (Of course, we don't always have the tissue flowers hanging around. ;)

Happy Thursday!!

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