Domino Inspiration: Part I

Okay, by now everyone knows that I'm a huge fan of the now-extinct Domino Magazine... But just because there are no new issues to come doesn't mean we can't look to the old ones for inspiration!! I subscribed to Domino immediately after I bought my first copy, so I have quite a few issues to troll for ideas... and many pages that I've already marked with their handy little stickers!

When I saw this shot of a fancy old mirror with casual little photos tucked around the edges, I knew we'd interpret the look somewhere in our house. It's that mix of high-end and low, ornate and personal, that is just so chic to me...

Photo: Domino Magazine November 2008 (pg. 14)

When my mom bought this lovely mirror for Audrey's room, I knew it'd be the perfect place to stick some pictures of our own... it's a little sparse still, but the collection will grow over time - and I love how easy it is to change them out!

Photo: Moi!

Watch out, because I have sooo many more cool decor ideas to share from Dominos past...

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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