She's Back!!!

Every month, I look forward to the arrival of a new copy of Vogue in my mailbox, but today I was super-excited to see the lovely and fabulous Gisele(!!) on the cover! I totally understand that celebrities/actresses sell more issues, but there's just something a little more special when a supermodel who really knows what she's doing lands the cover. I mean, it is a fashion magazine, after all, right?!

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue April 2010

I have to admit, as a new mom, I've been a little curious to see how Gisele would look during and post-pregnancy... I guess the answer was obvious. :)

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue April 2010

So, the other good news is Gisele's new skin care line... I'm always searching for all-natural products that actually work, and I'm very excited to try out Sejaa. It's only available on their website, so I'll do another post someday once I've tried it out and can tell you how it is! :)

Photo: Sejaa

Just for fun, I'll leave you with a little video from Vogue.com that documents a bit of the cover shoot...


  1. I was looking for the "I Like" button. :D She is such a worldly beauty and one of six kids! WOW, I just learned something new... and I heart her to boot!


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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