Happy Halloween!!

Hope you all had a frightfully good time and ate copious quantities of sweets!! I know I did. ;)

We dressed Audrey up as Julia Child...

...really it was just a good excuse to buy her that adorable apron from Anthropologie. She and her cousin love Halloween, honest!! ;)

Photos by me. :) More on the Sea Studio blog.

Good night!


Glitter Makes Me Happy

Ever since my wallet was stolen a few weeks back, I've been tossing my credit cards, grocery store cards, cash, etc. into my purse and then digging around like a madwoman when it's time to pay for something. Not smart, especially since I'm supposed to be extra careful and aware of my personal belongings after all that hullabaloo (sp?)!!

So... in the spirit of sticking to my self-imposed, super-tight shopping budget, I was browsing good ol' Forever 21 and came across this adorable little number:

Cute, eh?! And for only $8.80, it'll keep my things organized until I can replace my beloved Cole Haan. :)

Off to get a new driver's license...



Bright & Beachy

I'm loving the new Lonny magazine, and just can't stop going back to the story about Lulu de Kwiatkowski's LA home. It's cheery and bright and has so many perfectly personal details that make it her own...

Images by Patrick Cline via Lonny

How cool is that huge underwater photo?? I'm definitely blowing up one of our favorite family photos to showcase like that! And I love the Monte Carlo pillow. Fun, fun.

Yearning for that beachside house right about now! ;)



End of Summer Fun...

Wow, I've been a bad, bad blogger... Maybe I have just a teensy bit too much on my plate at the moment, but I love being busy & I promise I'll be back in full force soon!

So, we spent what felt like the last day of summer (although it was really a lovely, 80-degree Eastern Washington fall day) at Jack Johnson's amazing show at the Gorge a couple of weekends ago... We packed a cooler with homemade sandwiches, some cookies, and a bottle of Framboise and enjoyed our lovely picnic when we arrived early to the show.

Once inside, we were told that Jack and G. Love would be performing a few pre-show songs at a tiny little stage off to the side - so, obviously, we made our way there and claimed our spots!! Needless to say, it was the perfect kick-off to a really fun night...

Um, yeah... we were this close! :)Enjoying the view on the way up to our AMAZING seats!
Our point & shoot rarely gets a focused shot, but I just had to include one of Jeff and I. :) Can you believe the view of the stage?!
Hope you are all having a lovely start to fall!!




Wrap it Up!

I'm always looking for pretty adornments for the packages we send out to clients, and I'm also feeling very excited about the holidays this year (perhaps having a 15-month-old helps!) so I was beyond pleased to find Angela Liguori's lovely creations!! The cotton twine will be on all of my goodies this year, and I'm adding the Italian cotton ribbon to my wish list, too!

Now that I've set up a special wrapping table in our garage (which is, ahem, too small to park any normal car...) I'm actually looking forward to playing Santa this year. :)

Images via Angela Liguori



We're Going To The Sea!!

To Jack Johnson's To The Sea Tour, that is. :) Jeff entered a contest to win side-of-stage tickets at the Gorge, and we WON!!! I can barely contain my excitement... we're packing a picnic for the road trip and heading to the sunny side of the mountains. If I get any decent photos, I'll be sure to share, but of course we can't take our pro cameras in with us, so we'll see what the little point-and-shoot comes up with. ;)

Enjoy your weekend!!


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