Fashion for Haiti

Today's post was a no-brainer. I came across this T-shirt on J. Crew (because I spend way too much time on their site;) and had to take a closer look...

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) is donating net proceeds from the T-shirt to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, "which is raising funds for immediate, high-impact relief and long-term recovery efforts to help those who are in most need of assistance."

Photo: J.Crew

I always love fashion for a good cause!!

There's a long list of stores on the CFDA's site that are selling the shirt... Here are a few of the online retailers - there's also a list of in-store retailers where you can pick one up!

Happy Friday!!


New Shoes!

I know, I know... you guys are all going to think I have an obsession for metallic shoes - and maybe I do, just a little. Honestly, though, they go with everything! Just imagine how a light, champagne gold pair of Sperry top-siders would complement the little ensemble I featured a couple of days ago!!

I had been ever-so-subtly mentioning (like, every single day:) to my husband just how much I needed these shoes up until the day of my birthday, when he presented them to me. (Yay!!) I'm just waiting until the perfect, rainless day to wear them for the first time (can't step out in the Seattle mud and spoil these beauties).

Sally Honeycutt - live love chicYou can find these at Nordstrom... oh, and don't worry - for most of you they won't look so huge... mine are a size 10! Oh, to have dainty little feet...

Until tomorrow... I bid you adieu!!


Everything in it's Place

So, if you know me, you know I'm a bit of a neat freak. Of course, it's all been toned down a bit since our baby girl was born, but I still at least try to make everything perfect.

Lately, I've been marveling over how useful trays are for corralling random objects or even little collections of items & making them look much prettier and a little more intentional. That said, I was sooo excited when my friend sent me the link to Ben's Garden (thanks, Ashley!!:). They sell all sorts of fun items, including amazing decoupage trays. You can even order custom pieces with your own photos or artwork!

I'd love to have one of these babies on my console table or on top of my dresser to keep a few things in order:

Photos: Ben's Garden

Love them!!


Ooh la la...

I am loving this Brigitte Bardot-inspired look... from her ultra-glam hair, to the nautical striped top, and the comfy little capri pants, it all feels so very now. I am definitely a girl for a little fashion redux, and it's fun when pretty looks come back in style - you know what I mean?! Nice, wearable, classic pieces rather than reliving an era that should probably be put to rest. (Like the '80's, for example!:) Maybe I'll tone down the hair a little, or the eye makeup, but this is definitely an ensemble I'll be channeling soon...

Photo: Olga Maliouk for Vanity Fair 2009 via This Is Glamorous

I loved this entire post from This Is Glamorous, one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs... definitely check it out when you get the chance - the author has really lovely taste!



Spring Dreaming

Fruit trees are blooming, birds are chirping, and... it's still February?! We've had the mildest of winters here in Seattle, and I can't help but think it's spring - even though it's still technically at least a few weeks away!

I'll be outside soon, taking all sorts of new pictures, but for today I thought I'd share a couple from Pike Place last summer...

Happy Monday!



Paris Je T'aime

So, I mentioned yesterday that I've been pining for all things Parisian, and it reminded me of a film that my husband and I watched awhile back, "Paris Je T'aime." My friend Danielle recommended it, and it's sooo good...

It's actually 18 short films, all by different directors, and they are each a love story of some type, and all set in Paris! Word on the street is that a NYC version is coming soon - I'll keep you posted! For now, though... here's the trailer:

P.S. You can rent it from Netflix!

Happy Friday!

***Edited to add: "New York, I Love You" is already out on DVD. Oops! We'll be watching it soon & I'll let ya'll know what I think. ;)


I Heart Rubie Green

The minute I saw this site, I was in love... designer Michelle Adams (who happens to also be the co-founder of Lonny magazine!) creates the most beautiful fabrics - and they're organic! I've been dreaming up the perfect pillows for my couch made from my favorite of all the patterns - "East Village."

I've been pining for all things Parisian lately, so their spring images couldn't have come at a better time...

Oh, and if you just want a tiny little dose of Rubie Green's style, fear not: The "Ellie Bag" is here... it's just big enough for a passport, maps, and a little cash - perfect for a jaunt around the City of Light!!

Photos: Patrick Cline for Rubie Green

Isn't it just the perfect, cheery pattern for spring?!

Bon voyage!!


Primp Your Powder Room!

Does your powder room have the doldrums? Don't throw in the towel!

I was lucky enough to acquire a couple of the most perfect hand towels recently from one of my favorite shopping destinations, Anthropologie! They are pretty, soft, and in the nicest shade of charcoal they complement the light gray walls of our powder room just perfectly.

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Of course, now I just need to find a cuter hook from which to hang them... off to do more scouting! :)



A Little Fiesta...

I've been so excited to share these shots of my birthday party decor!! We had too much fun partying to capture many of the actual celebration, but at least I can fill you all in on the details! :)

My sister and I made some fun paper flowers with instructions from Martha Stewart Crafts... Burlap made for perfect, easy, and inexpensive table cloths and, of course, we had tons of candles... I used random old jars with a little sand in the bottom to hold votives!

My aunt made the gorgeous little carnation arrangements... such a beautiful and economic way to get a lot of pretty blooms - and they keep well, too!

I happened to have a couple of cigar boxes lying around, storing some of my personal treasures... if you're wondering how you can get your hands on some, I'd suggest trying your local grocery stores - just ask for their empty boxes!

We served mojitos & Cuba Libres. I already had these fun, HUGE green goblets from Crate & Barrel that just happened to work perfectly with the decor...

Mexican Coke! There's something nice about real sugar and a glass bottle... buy at your local international supermarket. (Is that an oxymoron?!:)

My sister-in-law made delicious coconut-key lime cupcakes, and I found these pretty candles at a little shop called Lucca in Ballard... so much more elegant than the usual little stubby pastel ones, no?

Photo Credits: Sally @ Sea Studio (that's me!!;)

With yummy Cuban-inspired sandwiches, black bean salsa, coconut shrimp and Buena Vista Social Club playing in the background, I can't think of a better way to have spent my 30th birthday!!

Until tomorrow...


Dos Gardenias Para Ti

So, like I mentioned earlier, I turned 30 last weekend!! It's quite the birthday milestone, and I was determined to embrace 30 and make it a fun and enjoyable occasion... I mean, 30 is the new 20, right?! I, for one, love the promise of a new decade and I'm certainly happy to approach this new number with a little more wisdom and a few good accomplishments crossed off my list. :)

Okay, so back to the party...

Ever since Buena Vista Social Club came out, I've been a huge fan - so what better theme for my party than "Dos Gardenias Para Ti"?! I pictured lots of white flowers (gardenias are the inspiration, but a little too expensive for our budget!), tons of candles, cigar boxes, cuba libres...

On Monday, I'll share pictures of the actual decor, but for now here's a little Friday Inspiration Board to (hopefully) pique your interest.

Photo Credits, Clockwise from Top Left: Katie Stoops via Green Wedding Shoes, Buena Vista Social Club, Jose Villa, Tim Gartside via Flickr, Poly_mnia via Flickr, pdxjmorris via Flickr

So, Dear Readers, enjoy, and come back Monday to see the real thing!!

Hasta Luego!



Get a Shoe, Give a Shoe?

Have you heard about TOMS? This is an amazing company founded with an incredible mission:

"With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about."

Amazing, right?! I don't have a pair yet, but I've been eyeing the silvery glitter ones or a fresh, white canvas pair... slip them on with your boyfriend jeans or some cute little shorts and you're good to go! Oh, and they make men's and kid's shoes, too, so you can outfit your whole fam & help kids in need at the same time. Love it!

Photo Credits: Nordstrom

Oh, and you can order these puppies direct from TOMS or from our favorite little Northwest shoe store, Nordstrom!! ;)



Yes, I have been absent from all things internet these last few days... but I have some great reasons!!

First, I turned 30 on Sunday - yes, you heard it right, the big 3-0! We had a fun little party at our house to celebrate with close family and friends, and I have some fun decor ideas to share with you later this week...

Also, my newest little niece was born on Monday!!! Needless to say, we are over-the-moon excited for my sister and her husband, and I've been just slightly distracted. :)

So, to make up for two missed days of "Daily Inspiration" I will try to find some extra-inspiring things to share this week. First up: Pretty Chic SF - a lovely little line of notebooks and planners. I came across this site when I was trying to think of a name for my blog - "ooh," I thought, "'Pretty Chic' would be cute..." Alas, when I googled it, it was already taken but at least I was led to these gorgeous notebooks! Of course, I immediately ordered a 2010 planner from her Etsy site... and I love it! Check out the link to see all of the cute patterns.

Photo Credits: Pretty Chic SF

Aren't they cute?! And to add to the goodness, they are all printed on recycled paper and made right in San Francisco!!

Bye for now!

- Sally


Orange You Inspired?

Haha, sorry - I get my silly sense of humor from my grandpa - and I just couldn't resist. ;)

I came across the gorgeous shot of the orange tree by Elizabeth Messina and it made me crave some sunny color... so I thought I'd make a pretty little inspiration board for you this Friday!

Thanks for visiting this week! See you on Monday!!



Winter Holiday

Nope, I'm not talking about Valentine's or President's Day, or even the holy grail of February holidays, Super Bowl Sunday... I mean "holiday" in the best, old-fashioned sense of the word, as in, "Roman Holiday," the sweet classic starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck!

This time of year the Resort collections pop up everywhere, making me pine for a vacation someplace warm and sunny... my inspiration for today's post comes from this adorable little swimsuit from J. Crew:

Photo Credit: J. Crew

Tres chic, no? It's called the Biarritz-Stripe swimsuit, and boy does it have me dreaming of a little jaunt to the South of France!! :) Of course, you must have the perfect beach bag to tote along to the shore or for impromptu shopping...

Photo Credit: Amazon

I bought one of these beauties in Positano a couple of years ago, and you might recognize it as the shopping bag from Anthropologie - that is not for sale! I have a secret, though: You don't have to go to Italy to get your hands on the perfect straw bag of your own - they sell it on Amazon!! :) I've used mine as a beach bag, at the farmer's market, and best of all - as a diaper bag for all of my little one's necessities!

Until tomorrow...



And the Good News Is...

This little gem is an online treasure trove of fabulous decor. Founded by Michelle Adams (who was once a staffer at Domino!!) and photographer Patrick Cline, the really awesome thing about this mag is that it's free to read online & they provide links to tons of the featured items straight from their pages. It's genius, really, and the styling is very Domino-esque, so even if it doesn't replace the loss of my favorite publication, it fills at least a part of that void!

Happy Wednesday!


Domino Dreaming

When Domino Magazine announced they were shutting down last year, I nearly cried... actually, I may have shed a tear or two, but don't tell!!

Every month prior, I had waited patiently for the mailman to drop a new issue of perfect design, decor and living inspiration in my mailbox & when I finally had it in hand, I'd pour a lovely little cup of coffee and cuddle up on the sofa to devour all of the goodness it had to offer. Seriously, it was an addiction, and Jeff was patient enough to indulge me each time when I'd tell him all the new projects we "had" to do around the house... he must have dreaded each copy's arrival, knowing all of the work that lay ahead of him! :)

Anyway, once it was gone, with no replacement in sight, I knew I had to at least get my hands on a copy of the Domino book - Domino: The Book of Decorating. Lucky for me, the last present for me under the tree this year was this:

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Yaaaay!!! Obviously, the Husband won major points for getting the Number One Item on my wish list. :) I've been savoring it, one chapter at a time... and, yes, we have a new list of home improvement projects to do, but I am just so happy to have a well-curated wealth of knowledge from the Domino girls at my fingertips!

If you don't own a copy of this book yet, I totally recommend it! And, there's more good news for Domino fans, but I'm saving it for tomorrow...



Eternal Optimist

So, I've been meaning to get this started for some time now, and I always thought I'd do it when I had some "spare time" but it's become clear to me that there is no such thing as spare time, and I just needed to get myself organized and make it happen!!

When I'm not photographing weddings or editing pictures in my little home office, you can find me scouring the internet, magazines old and new, design books, etc. for inspiration. I love finding stylish things, new and old, high-end and low, and putting them all together... whether it's a little outfit for a lunch date, the perfect paint color for my baby's room, or a swimsuit that has me dreaming of my next getaway, I want to share it with you!

I apologize in advance for my over-use of punctuation, smiley faces and hearts... I am an optimist at heart and I have to convey it somehow! :)

So, for my first post and first ever daily dose of inspiration, I wanted to share the perfect neutral nail color: Eternal Optimist from Essie! My husband bought this for me for Christmas at J. Crew (he knows he can't go wrong at my favorite store!) and I'm loving my pedicure now... and how perfect is the name?!

photo credit: Essie
I have to mention that this color is no longer available from J. Crew (it was a Spring '09 color for Essie) but you can still get it from Essie's site, and with a name like that I just had to feature it!

Thanks for visiting!

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