Surprisingly Stylish??

So, next weekend we're painting our downstairs hallway... I've grown tired of the chocolate brown after looking at it for 3 years (!!) and it's time to freshen it up to a lovely, bright, creamy white that adorns the majority of our interior walls. I'll share before and after pics of that project soon, but in the meantime... I've been shopping! :) Big surprise, right?! Well, the thing is, I plan to hang something new and fresh on the walls and even add some hooks to help organize our entryway. I'm determined to be a little creative and explore some local thrift and antique shops to find some cool hooks & such, but apparently there's a design source that I've been completely overlooking - J.C. Penny!!

I was browsing one of today's posts over on Design Sponge, all about mirrors... I love decorating with mirrors because they reflect light and help open up the space in our narrow little townhouse. Anyway, my favorite of all the 30 or so mirrors they featured both happened to be from J.C. Penny, which totally shocked me because I don't usually think of them as carrying modern, stylish, or (dare I say?) chic home decor... I guess I was wrong!

This one's the Lattice Mirror. It would be perfect hanging in the hall downstairs - especially if I ever get to install the amazing black hexagonal terra cotta floor tiles I've been in love with (I'll post a picture one day, promise!).

And these come in a set of four... they would be lovely hanging in our powder room.

I guess I owe a big "Merci" to Design Sponge for letting me in on the J.C. Penny secret. :)



  1. Who knew! I love a good bargain and I too have the redecorating itch! Its gotta be the Springtime.

  2. Totally! I just love to change things around in the springtime... and, since we'll be living in this house for awhile, might as well make it as perfect as we can! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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