Pretty Books

So, these new Penguin Classics have been all over blog-land lately, but I had to share in case any of my lovely readers hadn't seen them!!

The embossed covers look vintage, and would be so much cuter than some of the old, worn paperbacks on my bookshelf! Also, wouldn't they make a lovely gift?! I especially love this copy of Sense & Sensibility:

They look so pretty stacked together...

You can buy these from Barnes & Noble, too. :)

Also, coming soon... I will share a little D.I.Y. project inspired by one of my favorite blogger/photographers, Nicole Hill Gerulat!!

Happy reading!!


  1. oh my i love these! Do they have all of jane austen's books like this?

  2. Hi! So far I've only seen Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility... Maybe they'll come out with the others later!! I love Jane Austen. :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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