Domino Inspiration: Part III

Hello! Bonjour! Buenos Dias!!
I missed a day. So lame... I apologize, but I'm back this morning, full-force, with some more Domino-inspiration for ya'll! :)

I'm no good at arranging flowers - I usually buy a single variety and plop them in a jar or vase with some water and call it good, but these pages from an old Domino have me inspired to try a little harder. It's almost time for the lilacs, peonies, et. al. to show up at the local markets (well, we're probably a couple months away still, but I'm optimistic, as usual!) and I love this "Romantic sophisticate" table arrangement...

The shades of purple, hot pink and orange look so pretty with the crystal chandelier and cool old books on the table... I can't wait to pick some up and beautify my dining room! (BTW, please pardon the image quality... I'm just scanning these from actual magazines, so they'll probably always be a bit off-kilter or fuzzy looking.:)

Photos: Ditte Isager via Domino Magazine February 2009

Ciao for now, and hope you all have a lovely, lovely weekend!!


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  1. have a great weekend too. just found your blog. ADORABLE! i love the name too



Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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