Seaside Style

After watching The Proposal last night, (love that movie!!:) I'm finding myself daydreaming, once again, about a seaside home of my own. (Only I'd pick someplace a little warmer than Sitka. ;)

For now, I'll enjoy the smell of the salty air outside our little Seattle town house and add hints of beach-inspired and tropical decor. Found a few inspirational pictures from Coastal Living...

Have I mentioned that I love the beach?!! ;)



***Edited to Add: The Proposal, though set in Sitka, AK, was actually filmed, for the most part, in Rockport, MA, which was set up to resemble Sitka... and just to make sure none of my AK friends get the wrong idea, I LOVE Alaska - I'm just a bit too much of a warm-weather gal to live there. :)

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