A Little Fiesta...

I've been so excited to share these shots of my birthday party decor!! We had too much fun partying to capture many of the actual celebration, but at least I can fill you all in on the details! :)

My sister and I made some fun paper flowers with instructions from Martha Stewart Crafts... Burlap made for perfect, easy, and inexpensive table cloths and, of course, we had tons of candles... I used random old jars with a little sand in the bottom to hold votives!

My aunt made the gorgeous little carnation arrangements... such a beautiful and economic way to get a lot of pretty blooms - and they keep well, too!

I happened to have a couple of cigar boxes lying around, storing some of my personal treasures... if you're wondering how you can get your hands on some, I'd suggest trying your local grocery stores - just ask for their empty boxes!

We served mojitos & Cuba Libres. I already had these fun, HUGE green goblets from Crate & Barrel that just happened to work perfectly with the decor...

Mexican Coke! There's something nice about real sugar and a glass bottle... buy at your local international supermarket. (Is that an oxymoron?!:)

My sister-in-law made delicious coconut-key lime cupcakes, and I found these pretty candles at a little shop called Lucca in Ballard... so much more elegant than the usual little stubby pastel ones, no?

Photo Credits: Sally @ Sea Studio (that's me!!;)

With yummy Cuban-inspired sandwiches, black bean salsa, coconut shrimp and Buena Vista Social Club playing in the background, I can't think of a better way to have spent my 30th birthday!!

Until tomorrow...


  1. I have to have the recipe for those cupcakes, they were awesome. Also we are going to copy your paper flowers for Jennae's wedding decor, in blood red! Fab!

  2. the pics are great. the party was perfectly decorated and the food was incredible! i'm going to have to get the recipes from you. Hope you had a happy happy birthday! thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Ladies! I will try to get the cupcake recipe... yum! Ash, can't wait to see pics of Jennae's wedding - red flowers will look awesome! :) Thank you both for making the party extra fun by joining us!! xoxo

  4. SO CUTE! Happy belated birthday...
    I think I might steal a couple of your ideas for my sister's bridal shower. The tissue paper flowers and carnation arrangements would be so adorable for shower decorations, maybe in pink and white? Ahh! You amaze me.


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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