Happy Heart Week - Part I: Jaques Torres Chocolates

Hello!! I have some really amazing news to share today - my dad had a successful heart transplant operation on Friday! He is doing great and recovering in the hospital at the moment... and I'm declaring this week Happy Heart Week on Live Love Chic in his honor! :) I'll be featuring some of my favorite things that are good for the heart all week, starting with some mouth-watering chocolate!

So, by now we've all heard about the wonders that high-quality dark chocolate can do for our bodies... it's all those antioxidants it boasts that do the trick, and I, for one, will accept any reason to consume a bit of chocolate!! ;) When my husband and I lived in NYC, we discovered Jacques Torres Chocolate - a little haven right outside our neighborhood in the West Village.

We'd stop by for the Wicked Hot Chocolate (just like it sounds - rich, creamy hot chocolate with a kick of spice!!) and a couple of truffles or the Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie in the World (that's my own personal name for it!) and then walk around Tribeca or back up through the Village to work off all the extra calories.

If you're in New York and you haven't visited one of his shops yet - DO!! And if not, you can always order some lovely chocolate to eat or drink at home. :)

To healthy hearts!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS- that is SO GREAT I can hardly believe it! I can't convey to you how happy I am for you and your family... EXCEPT THROUGH THE USE OF CAPS!!!

  2. THANK YOU, STEFF!!! ;) We are beyond thrilled... it's hard to put it in words, but he's doing great and it's just really exciting! :)

  3. Congrats to your family! Huge news! and I'm drooling for some Wicked choco love. mmmm! thanks for sharing all of this!


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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