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We had so much fun planning & creating our little baby's nursery last spring (or, I should say I had so much fun... my husband got the brunt of it with painting, refinishing, hanging, etc. - I am simply the designer, haha! ;) Since we didn't find out if we were having a boy or girl we decided on simple, clean, neutral decor - and then added a few extra touches when our little chica arrived to make it all a little more girl-y!

I shared a smattering of images over on our Sea Studio blog awhile back, but I was inspired by all the newborn photo shoots we've been doing lately to post some here!

We were on a tight budget, so we made creative use of hand-me-downs & Ikea purchases! The changing table got a fresh coat of white paint & a cute knob from Anthropologie...the little fabric-lined baskets are from Ikea. These "ABC" knobs are also from Anthropologie:

My lovely mother-in-law recovered the glider for us in this gorgeous blue fabric (it was sooo hard to choose, but I love how fresh those colors feel!).

I got this gorgeous hanging lantern from my aunt as a shower gift - she made it from grapevines!!

After Audrey arrived, I framed this little card (not sure who the artist is - if you do, let me know!!) and hung the pretty little "chandelier" to make it a bit more personal...

Photos: Sally Honeycutt & Jeff Honeycutt/Sea Studio

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. So cute! I feel like this could be my room right now. :)

  2. Audrey is so cool. Her room is cooler than my apt. nice job Sal! love all the details!

  3. Thanks, Everyone!! Yes, Audrey definitely has the coolest room in the house... time to work on the rest of it! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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