My Bulletin Board...

I know, it looks chaotic - but I can't help myself - if I see a great quote or a breathtaking picture, i want it hanging in my office (and this is the only place that's allowed to be so busy-looking!;). I feel energized when I sit down to work and see little trinkets that are close to my heart, or a beautiful bride from a wedding we shot, or Edward and Bella... haha, can't believe I just admitted it - but, yes, they are there too, in a gorgeous Peggy Sirota picture from Vanity Fair.

It's ever-changing & always cluttered, and I love it!! :) Someday I'll share pics of my entire office, but for now, here's a peek...

Photo: Moi!

Until tomorrow!!



  1. I'm obsessed with that photo of Edward and Bella for the record :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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