Paris Je T'aime

So, I mentioned yesterday that I've been pining for all things Parisian, and it reminded me of a film that my husband and I watched awhile back, "Paris Je T'aime." My friend Danielle recommended it, and it's sooo good...

It's actually 18 short films, all by different directors, and they are each a love story of some type, and all set in Paris! Word on the street is that a NYC version is coming soon - I'll keep you posted! For now, though... here's the trailer:

P.S. You can rent it from Netflix!

Happy Friday!

***Edited to add: "New York, I Love You" is already out on DVD. Oops! We'll be watching it soon & I'll let ya'll know what I think. ;)


  1. There already is a NY, I Love You :) And it's on demand on Netflix :) Watched it a week ago! Pretty cute. Terrible acting ;)

  2. Haha, oops! I should've done my fact-checking... I think I remember Jeff saying he added it to our queue! Thanks, Emelie! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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