Dos Gardenias Para Ti

So, like I mentioned earlier, I turned 30 last weekend!! It's quite the birthday milestone, and I was determined to embrace 30 and make it a fun and enjoyable occasion... I mean, 30 is the new 20, right?! I, for one, love the promise of a new decade and I'm certainly happy to approach this new number with a little more wisdom and a few good accomplishments crossed off my list. :)

Okay, so back to the party...

Ever since Buena Vista Social Club came out, I've been a huge fan - so what better theme for my party than "Dos Gardenias Para Ti"?! I pictured lots of white flowers (gardenias are the inspiration, but a little too expensive for our budget!), tons of candles, cigar boxes, cuba libres...

On Monday, I'll share pictures of the actual decor, but for now here's a little Friday Inspiration Board to (hopefully) pique your interest.

Photo Credits, Clockwise from Top Left: Katie Stoops via Green Wedding Shoes, Buena Vista Social Club, Jose Villa, Tim Gartside via Flickr, Poly_mnia via Flickr, pdxjmorris via Flickr

So, Dear Readers, enjoy, and come back Monday to see the real thing!!

Hasta Luego!


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