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I am loving this Brigitte Bardot-inspired look... from her ultra-glam hair, to the nautical striped top, and the comfy little capri pants, it all feels so very now. I am definitely a girl for a little fashion redux, and it's fun when pretty looks come back in style - you know what I mean?! Nice, wearable, classic pieces rather than reliving an era that should probably be put to rest. (Like the '80's, for example!:) Maybe I'll tone down the hair a little, or the eye makeup, but this is definitely an ensemble I'll be channeling soon...

Photo: Olga Maliouk for Vanity Fair 2009 via This Is Glamorous

I loved this entire post from This Is Glamorous, one of my absolute FAVORITE blogs... definitely check it out when you get the chance - the author has really lovely taste!


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