Yes, I have been absent from all things internet these last few days... but I have some great reasons!!

First, I turned 30 on Sunday - yes, you heard it right, the big 3-0! We had a fun little party at our house to celebrate with close family and friends, and I have some fun decor ideas to share with you later this week...

Also, my newest little niece was born on Monday!!! Needless to say, we are over-the-moon excited for my sister and her husband, and I've been just slightly distracted. :)

So, to make up for two missed days of "Daily Inspiration" I will try to find some extra-inspiring things to share this week. First up: Pretty Chic SF - a lovely little line of notebooks and planners. I came across this site when I was trying to think of a name for my blog - "ooh," I thought, "'Pretty Chic' would be cute..." Alas, when I googled it, it was already taken but at least I was led to these gorgeous notebooks! Of course, I immediately ordered a 2010 planner from her Etsy site... and I love it! Check out the link to see all of the cute patterns.

Photo Credits: Pretty Chic SF

Aren't they cute?! And to add to the goodness, they are all printed on recycled paper and made right in San Francisco!!

Bye for now!

- Sally


  1. I love cute chic recycled things made in our cities! Thanks Sally!

  2. Cute planners and cute blog! Happy belated 30th! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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