Father's Day - Part II! (Molasses Cookie Recipe!)

Here's a fun idea for Father's Day - why not whip up a batch of Dad's favorite cookies?! You can find a cute tin with his favorite sports team on it to put them in or just wrap 'em up in some pretty paper and give him a cool mug and some coffee beans... either way, any dad would appreciate some home-baked goodness!

I baked my Aunt Terrie's Molasses Sugar Cookies today, and just to make the idea extra tempting, I thought I'd share the recipe and a few pictures. :)

Here's the recipe... straight out of the cookbook because I'm too lazy to type it out! :)

I was impatient & didn't chill the dough for very long, but I definitely recommend giving it at least an hour!

Bonus points if you have a toddler on-hand to do some taste-testing!!

Photos: Moi! (Sally Honeycutt/Sea Studio)

Happy Baking!!



  1. Love it! That's a great gift idea!

  2. Oh man they look fantastic! I am sooo hungry now! Such great photos too and very cute idea! All men lurve food! :D


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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