Wrap it Up!

I'm always looking for pretty adornments for the packages we send out to clients, and I'm also feeling very excited about the holidays this year (perhaps having a 15-month-old helps!) so I was beyond pleased to find Angela Liguori's lovely creations!! The cotton twine will be on all of my goodies this year, and I'm adding the Italian cotton ribbon to my wish list, too!

Now that I've set up a special wrapping table in our garage (which is, ahem, too small to park any normal car...) I'm actually looking forward to playing Santa this year. :)

Images via Angela Liguori


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  1. i love wrapping gifts! especially for birthdays, because then you get to be creative and customize it to whoever you're giving the gift to. :) christmas is fun too. holiday wrapping paper is the best!

    p.s, i found your blog on jen's blog LOCATION CENTRAL! thought it was pretty cool that are both from seattle!

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