A Peek at Our House - The Office

So, I've had a few people ask me to share photos of my own house, along with organizing and styling tips... it's been hard to work up the courage to post any, because I don't feel like it's pulled together enough to post on the internet for the world to see!!

Alas, since I am a bit of a perfectionist, I doubt I will ever think my house is "done" - hence, I will start sharing with you all now, right along with my plans and decor dreams for the future!

Since Monday always feels like back-to-work time, I thought I'd start with our home office. It is extremely small, so we've had to be creative in our use of space & storage.

Above: I love our Pottery Barn Bedford desk - it's the perfect size and the white feels so clean... the inspiration board is continually updated... we rotate between an exercise ball and this folding chair - not ideal for hours of editing pictures, but we have our eyes on the Herman Miller Aeron Chair! :) Below: I repurposed this adorable little pot as a pen holder - love the bright chartreuse! Below: I'm obsessed with pretty stationery, and I've always got a million notepads on hand to jot down ideas or lists... the hanging baskets from Ikea (got those on a tip from one of my sister-in-laws:) are a cute alternative to clunky plastic ones, and I love that they get the folders up and off the desk. Below: We found these magazine organizers at Ikea, too... of course, I have my Domino collection nearby at all times. ;)
We originally had a white version of this shelf in our office, which looked much cleaner, but I decided I had to have the white one upstairs, so we moved this one down... maybe we'll replace it one day!
I couldn't get a wide angle shot of the entire office, so here's a peek at the view out the window...

Okay, now you know where I work. :) Off to get something done now!!

Happy Monday!


  1. beautiful. simple. organized. love it!

  2. Will you come and do mine, please?!

  3. Haha... Sure, Mom! Let me just figure out my rates... ;)

  4. You have all my favorites! White, green, and Domino. Love your blog...you have great taste. Julie

  5. @spoonful - Thank you!!
    @ Julie - Thank you - and so do you! So glad I found your blog today. :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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