Hallway Redo - Our House!

Our entryway is a work in progress, so I'm not showing the entire thing just yet (don't fret - I will in time!) but I did want to show you the latest development: white paint & purse hooks!!

Okay, it's not exactly white, it's more of a creamy white, but we rescued the hallway from a dark, chocolate brown (which I loved when we first painted it a few years ago, but was just feeling too heavy for the hall outside my office)...

The hooks are from Anthropologie (of course - you all know by now that Anthro is my favorite hardware source!:) and they were the perfect solution to the clutter my handbag & Jeff's man-bag (ha!) were always adding to our kitchen!

We also put up a pretty little gallery of a few of our favorite wedding images just in case we ever invite our lovely clients over to the office. :)

Photos: Me:)

Anyway, the hall needs some pretty rugs - (I'm not a big fan of the basic tile that came with our townhouse) and I'd love to squeeze a super-narrow console table in with a pretty mirror - but for now, it's a vast improvement!!


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