Seed Bombs!!!

I couldn't have found these at a better time... just this morning, I told my husband of a brilliant plan I'd concocted: To sow wildflower seeds in the enormous, ugly, abandoned lot behind our home!! I checked at the local nursery today, and wildflower seeds were surprisingly expensive (!) so I didn't buy them - and then I came across these little gems while browsing Anthropologie:

They're already mixed with soil, and you can order a package that's created especially for your region - amazing, right!? I will be sure to share pictures when we have a beautiful field of wildflowers outside our kitchen window. :)

Also, just in time for Mother's Day, I must share my favorite monogrammed mugs from Anthro:

I love buying these as gifts, and it would be perfect paired with your mom's favorite tea or coffee beans and some homemade cookies for a sweet Mother's Day surprise!! :)

On a side note, sorry I've been behind on posting - I've been busy gardening and building potting tables and editing millions of pictures!! I promise to be better with my "daily" blog!



  1. I love my mug gift from you! It's my favorite. and you make me want to try potting a plant. just one! this year I shall try my hand at maintaining one plant. thanks for your constant inspiration!

  2. Yay!! So glad you like it! And you definitely need at least one plant. :) Glad you're inspired! xo


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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