Domino Inspiration: Part IV

I've been working away on our little garden (despite the gloomy Seattle rain - boo!) and I even have a little potting bench project to share with you in the very near future (as in, I am building a potting table/bench - crazy, I know!!). In the meantime, I'll share a little insight into my gardening endeavors for the season...

This year, I have plans to blend many more edibles into the landscape, starting with some lovely zucchini and cucumber plants I just got from a friend (thanks, Erica!!:). The best project this spring, though, is our entryway! We've lived in our little townhouse for three years now, and I've never done more than a few potted plants out front - but no longer! Our "front yard" is going to be inviting and lush - and inspired, as usual, by the gardens of Italy and France!!

Here are some pictures from Salvatore and James Ferragamo's grandmother's garden in Fiesole, Italy...

I always have a few potted red geraniums... and the Italian Cypress by the front door will evoke this landscape, despite our lack of acreage. :)

I apologize for the poor scan quality, but I had to share this next shot - I just love the lemon trees, the vines on the wall, and of course, the little red bench!!

Photos: Katherine Wolkoff for Domino Magazine/September 2006

Thank goodness I saved every issue of Domino I ever had!! Still missing my monthly dose!



  1. hi hun. thanks for the comment. so excited to see what you do with your patio. you know. i saved all my dominos too. MISS THEM SO MUCH! rip

  2. Thanks for reading, Ladies!! Yes, RIP Domino. :( Glad we have the back issues! xo


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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