Love the cover of Vogue this month, photographed by the amazing Peter Lindbergh...

...it's so nice to see the lovely and talented Ms. Witherspoon gracing this month's pages, and I'm really excited for the upcoming Water for Elephants film. I actually happen to be reading the book right now, and every time the preview comes on TV, I cover my ears and sing, "lalala..." until Jeff lets me know that it's safe to look - I don't want to give anything away! :)

Hopefully I'll have time to actually sit and read the entire magazine front to back one of these days... but for now, scanning the beautiful images will just have to do!

Happy Monday!

Images by Peter Lindbergh/Vogue May 2011

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  1. Gorgeous. And one of my fave books ever. Kinda weird that they cast the Pattison guy from twilight, though... he seems not quite right for the incredible (and older) Reese.


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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