Vintage Glam

I couldn't resist this vintage (French!) gold thread while shopping at Lucca on Sunday... I think it'll be just the right gilt-y touch for an upcoming shoot I'm working on. (Although it'll be hard to want to unwind it from the adorable tiny spools!)

Isn't it pretty?! Maybe we'll wrap it around a bouquet, or hang something from it, or perhaps tie it around an invitation - there are so many possibilities... Can't wait to share what we come up with! Happy Thursday! -Sally Photo by Sally Honeycutt/Sea Studio


  1. omg, such a cute idea. i met with a florist recently and told her i wanted to wrap my bouquet in hemp or jute and she looked at me like i was crazy! maybe if i had some of that thread...


  2. Sami!! Hemp or jute would look AMAZING wrapped around your bouquet... don't let her change your mind! Oh, and a touch of the gold thread wouldn't hurt, either! :)


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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