Inspired: Built-In Bookshelves

Fall seems to be here to stay, and I'm ready to cozy up by the fire with walls of books by my side...

We have a very unattractive fireplace & mantle in our living room, and I've been inspired by this Design Sponge article for awhile now - I'm thinking custom shelving could be the perfect solution!

Now it's just time to convince the husband. (Oh, and his name is Jeff... in the future, perhaps I'll refer to him by name, haha! ;)

Here are a few of my faves from the post, but there are many more fabulous ideas worth checking out!!

I know, these aren't built-in - but there are peonies!! I couldn't resist.
This next shot is my favorite...
Photos (Top to Bottom all via Design Sponge) - Malene Charles; Maarit Hohteri; Emily Gilbert



  1. Yes---is that Brooklyn townhouse not the best house in the world? crazy!

  2. Yes - it's soooo amazing!! I would live there in a heartbeat!


Thanks for your thoughts!! xo, Sally

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