Domino Inspiration: Part V

Here in Seattle we've had what seems like weeks of continuous, dreary, rainy days... and with Memorial Day weekend looking no better, I'm drinking a nice cup of coffee and daydreaming of beautiful weather and lazy summer days outside. (Because I know it will get nice again, eventually! :)

Since I'm stuck inside, I thought it was the perfect time
to peruse a few old summertime issues of Domino and look for something pretty to inspire me; of course, I wasn't disappointed! I love these ideas for using gorgeous outdoor fabrics to make your outside spaces a little more stylish and cozy!

Of course, I love the mix of driftwood with the preppy stripes in this next one:

And what girl wouldn't want to lounge in this perfectly luxurious poolside retreat?!

Photos: Domino/May 2007

Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!!




I love pillows... add a couple of new ones to your sofa and you have an instantly updated look for your living room! I've seen so many great ones lately, but these Restoration Hardware beauties caught my eye this morning:

I'd mix these with a couple of nice, brightly colored ones to really make it fit my style. :)



Vogue - The June Issue!

I'm always up for a little surfer chic (ask anyone who knows me - I'm a total wannabe! ;) so I was really stoked to get my June Vogue in the mail and see the lovely Blake Lively on the cover - and a surf-style beach shoot from Mario Testino inside!! :)

A few faves:

Photos: Mario Testino for Vogue

One of these days I'll take lessons, but for now I'll just dress the part and live vicariously through these fantastic images. :)



Baby Chic: Dressing Like Your Daughter??

Haha, yes, it's true... Audrey got a new pair of yoga pants from my mom and they are sooo adorable that I want a pair of my own!! She got these from Baby Gap:

And here are the ones I like from Splendid - because I know how amazingly soft their knits are!!

Photo: Splendid

I think times have definitely changed since we were kids... I mean, I can't picture my mom wearing most of the things she dressed me in when I was little!! :) Thank goodness for great fashion. And comfy pants.



Spool No. 72...

...has some cute little tops and dresses that I'm finding nearly irresistible!!

Love this "Flea Market Dress":

And this "Alyssum Dress" (although I think it would be a top on me:):

Photos: Spool No. 72

Aren't they cute?!

I'm off to prep/style/photograph a creative "test shoot" this afternoon... wish me luck!! :)




Ah, yes... the ubiquitous gladiator sandal of Spring/Summer 2009 &... 2010?! Of course! It's still a totally chic look, but I like these updated, more feminine styles from J. Crew:

The lightly studded version above is lovely with the dual ankle straps, and I'm always an advocate for a light metallic shoe like this ladylike version below...

I can't ignore this soft, rich brown pair either...

Photos: J. Crew

Now, to choose just one... :)




Have you guys seen GOOP? It's Gwyneth Paltrow's website, which features weekly newsletters on all sorts of fun topics, from what to eat in Nashville to (my current fave) how Gwyneth got in shape for Ironman 2...

Check out this newsletter on sleep or this one on The Making of Pepper Potts... I know I'm signing up so I don't miss any good GOOP! :)



Something to Wear...

I'm loving the photography in Anthropologie's catalogs lately... not only does it make me want to buy pretty new clothes and such, but it really makes me want to travel!! Anyway, check out a couple of cute looks that I found in the May catalog online:

Sally Honeycutt Blog - Anthropologie ImageIsn't that dress the cutest?! And I'm loving the high waisted pants with that hot orange tank... so chic...Sally Honeycutt Blog - Anthropologie Image

Have a lovely weekend, Friends!!

Sally Honeycutt


My Potting Bench!!

Okay, so this is my first attempt at building a table of any sort, so it's definitely a little rough around the edges, but hey - it's the rustic look, right?! I used old lumber driftwood that washed ashore at my grandparents' beach... the pictures aren't perfect because there's not a ton of space to shoot between our fence and the wall of the house, but I just had to share...

Photos: Sea Studio

Of course, I already have a few potting projects standing by... Now all we need is some sunshine!!

Happy Thursday!

Word Art: Made by Girl!!

I just adore Jen Ramos and her shop, Made by Girl!! Her original designs are fun & pretty, and I would love any of them hanging in my office... here's just a small sampling of what she offers in her online store:

Photos: Made by Girl

Aren't they great?! Who knew simple words could be so pretty? :)

Be sure to check out Jen's blog, too - she always has loads of fabulous design inspiration!!



Seed Bombs!!!

I couldn't have found these at a better time... just this morning, I told my husband of a brilliant plan I'd concocted: To sow wildflower seeds in the enormous, ugly, abandoned lot behind our home!! I checked at the local nursery today, and wildflower seeds were surprisingly expensive (!) so I didn't buy them - and then I came across these little gems while browsing Anthropologie:

They're already mixed with soil, and you can order a package that's created especially for your region - amazing, right!? I will be sure to share pictures when we have a beautiful field of wildflowers outside our kitchen window. :)

Also, just in time for Mother's Day, I must share my favorite monogrammed mugs from Anthro:

I love buying these as gifts, and it would be perfect paired with your mom's favorite tea or coffee beans and some homemade cookies for a sweet Mother's Day surprise!! :)

On a side note, sorry I've been behind on posting - I've been busy gardening and building potting tables and editing millions of pictures!! I promise to be better with my "daily" blog!



Domino Inspiration: Part IV

I've been working away on our little garden (despite the gloomy Seattle rain - boo!) and I even have a little potting bench project to share with you in the very near future (as in, I am building a potting table/bench - crazy, I know!!). In the meantime, I'll share a little insight into my gardening endeavors for the season...

This year, I have plans to blend many more edibles into the landscape, starting with some lovely zucchini and cucumber plants I just got from a friend (thanks, Erica!!:). The best project this spring, though, is our entryway! We've lived in our little townhouse for three years now, and I've never done more than a few potted plants out front - but no longer! Our "front yard" is going to be inviting and lush - and inspired, as usual, by the gardens of Italy and France!!

Here are some pictures from Salvatore and James Ferragamo's grandmother's garden in Fiesole, Italy...

I always have a few potted red geraniums... and the Italian Cypress by the front door will evoke this landscape, despite our lack of acreage. :)

I apologize for the poor scan quality, but I had to share this next shot - I just love the lemon trees, the vines on the wall, and of course, the little red bench!!

Photos: Katherine Wolkoff for Domino Magazine/September 2006

Thank goodness I saved every issue of Domino I ever had!! Still missing my monthly dose!


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